■LEE’S BOOGIE   -Rie “Lee” Kanehira-

2017年 Waggy Murphy’s Records: WMCD102

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■THE UNION MEETIN’   -Rie “Lee” Kanehira-

2014年 Waggy Murphy’s Records: WMCD101

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■OSCAR’S MOTEL  -The Cash Box Kings-

2023年 Alligator Records NEW!

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The Cash Box Kings’s upcoming Alligator Records album “Oscar’s Motel” will be available on CD, LP and at all popular streaming and download sites on March 17. Some original songs are now available at all popular streaming and download sites.

The full album, Oscar’s Motel (the band’s third for Alligator and 11th overall), On each of the album’s 11 tracks, The dynamic Cash Box Kings bring contemporary authority and old-school blues authenticity.


“Oscar’s Motel” will be available on CD, LP and at streaming and download sites on March 17.

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The Cash Box Kings are:
Joe Nosek: Harmonica, Vocals (5,9), Acoustic Guitar (9)
Oscar Wilson: Vocals
Billy Flynn: Lead Guitar, Baritone Guitar (5)
Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith: Drums (1,4,7,8)
John W. Lauler: Upright and Electric Bass
Lee Kanehira: Piano, Organ

With Special Guests:
Deitra Farr: Vocals (4)
John Nemeth: Vocals (10)
Shoji Naito: Rhythm Guitar (1,4,7,8), Kick Drum (3)
Andrew Diehl: Rhythm Guitar (5,6,9,10,11)
Derek Hendrickson: Drums (5,9,10,11)
Alex Hall: Drums (2,6)
Cameron Webb: Vocals (6)
Xavier Lynn: Rhythm Guitar (2)
Jon McDonald: Guitar (3)

The C-Note Horns:
Al Falaschi: Tenor and Baritone Saxophones (2,5)
Jim Doherty: Trumpet (2)

■NO BORDER BLUES   -Johnny Burgin-

(playing in 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 11)

Pumpkin”s Boogie is available on this album

2020年 Delmark Records レーベル | リリース | DiscogsDELMARK RECORDS NEW!


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■DON’T MIND THE RAIN   -Mike Garner-

(playing in 4, 7, 10)

2020年 Blues 101

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Tribute to Eddy Clearwater   -Shoji Naito-

(playing in 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14)

2020年 Ogden Records


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■Hail to the Kings!   -The Cash Box Kings-

2019年 Alligator Records

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■Blues Company   -Shun Kikuta & Blues Company-

2018年 Rising Shun Records

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■Royal Mint   -The Cash Box Kings-

2017年 Alligator Records

(playing in song#1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10,12,13 (Piano), #10 (Organ))

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■These Blues Keep Doggin’ Me/ Blues Is Everywhere [7inch Analog]

Rie”Lee”Kanehira(v,pf) with Billy Flynn(g)

2016年 Waggy Murphy’s Records: WMEP101 SOLD OUT!

( Double A-side single)


※初回限定生産 100枚 ライブ会場のみでの発売

■NEW COOL OLD SCHOOL   -Shoji Naito-

(playing in 1. I Got to Go, 2. Honey Bee, 3. Big Boss Man, 5. Congo Mombo, 8. Sweet Home Chicago, 9. Last Night, 10. I’m Ready, 12. Sad Night Owl and 14. Money, Marbles And Chalk )

2016年 Ogden Records: ORCD380    Shoji’s CD page

                BSMF Records: BSMF1043   BSMF Records page


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■I Feel So Good / In The Basement [7inch Analog]        -blues.the-butcher-590213-

2015年 P-VINE Records: P7-6048

( Double A-side single, playing in  I Feel So Good)

 P-VINE Records page


■うどん屋で泣いた  udon-ya de naita    -W.C. カラス-

2015年 P-VINE Records: PCD-25182

(playing in  3. 有頂天BLUES  and  7. 飯炊き男のBLUES)

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■IN THE BASEMENT   -blues.the-butcher-590213-

2014年 P-VINE Records: PCD-18766

(playing in  5. Someday After A While and 10. I Feel So Good)

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